Challenge Accepted

We found this at Lowes this week. I almost bought it, but quickly realized if I can’t get them to put the seat down, I’m pretty sure pushing a button is out of the question. Besides it’s not the inside of our toilet that’s the problem.

Those weirdoes are your tribe

Seen on Facebook – credit to Butterflies and Pebbles – I like her and I think she’s worth checking out. S.C Lourie. Author. Poet. Artist. Dancer. Voice for some. Hopefully. Mummy to her Butterfly and her Pebbles. & I make prints now 🙂 Get in touch.

Let There Be Cowgirls

THIS is my idea of a good time. I broke my right leg two years ago this week just walking on a beach. I required two surgeries to straighten my tibia and was laid up for over 16 months. Even after that, doc said no riding for a year. Well guess what — the year…

My Anniversary Gift

I am sorry that I haven’t been around the blogosphere much these last few months. I’ve been living in New York taking care of my mother. She passed on August 19 (The day after my anniversary). To be honest, my emotions are raw and all over the place which is why I haven’t been writing….

Only a beginning

I was a mess when I showed up at Jo’s ranch wanting to learn how to ride, I just didn’t realize it yet. I really didn’t trust anyone anymore and I had shut down emotionally. Being “just a housewife” was taking it’s toll. I’m more than that, but I don’t always believe that. Riding saved…

Happy New Year Peeps!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful 2015.  Dare to dream. To know who you are and live that with authenticity. 

Christmas Tip: How to open clamshell packaging with a can opener

I originally saw this on The Chew (love love LOVE that show!) this fall and wanted to share it will you guys. I don’t know about you, but I’ve sustained numerous cuts trying to open clam-shell packaging over the years. So, lay down the knife and the scissors and grab a can opener. It’s easy…

And the strangest search to find my blog so far in 2014 is….

are you ready kids? I wasn’t. Did you know if you search for “Gynecologist Jokes” on Google, you will find my blog? Seriously? 98% of my stories are about life after kids, gardening, faith, poetry and travel. I do not write sex jokes – okay, there was that one. Or maybe two.. Still. Granted, I…