Well that didn’t go as I planned

I am sometimes accused of only posting fun and exciting adventures on Facebook and Instagram and it can (I suppose) give people the impression that I lead a charmed life, which I don’t. It’s just that when I do post things it’s usually about my comedy adventures or stuff with my church. I leave out…

It’s an OB/GYN Christmas

  Seen on Facebook.  Per Awkward Family photos: “My mother is a gynecologist and also into Christmas crafts.” All I can say is this is one craft idea that probably won’t make it to Pinterest. And yes, those reindeer are made out of what you think they are.  

Hilarious Santa Photo from when I was a kid

I was going through mother’s photos when I came across this gem of me and Santa when I was at the tender age of six. I don’t know about you, but Santa looks sauced to me. What do you think?

Ask Google and you shall receive.

And this year’s creeper award goes to whomever did a google search for “redhead with broken ankle nude” and landed on my blog. Congrats, you beat out “Deana is a cheatin’ redhead” for all time creepiest search.

Those weirdoes are your tribe

Seen on Facebook – credit to Butterflies and Pebbles – I like her and I think she’s worth checking out. S.C Lourie. Author. Poet. Artist. Dancer. Voice for some. Hopefully. Mummy to her Butterfly and her Pebbles. & I make prints now 🙂 Get in touch.