Sometimes Clean is Better

Hey boys and girls, my friends and I are bringing the funny to the Tulsa Loony Bin on April 10. This is a great show for families (kids ages 13 and up). See you there!

Well that didn’t go as I planned

I am sometimes accused of only posting fun and exciting adventures on Facebook and Instagram and it can (I suppose) give people the impression that I lead a charmed life, which I don’t. It’s just that when I do post things it’s usually about my comedy adventures or stuff with my church. I leave out…

New York is Not My Home

Three days to spend. Two of them flying. One in and one out. The other to meet with lawyers and put mother’s house up for sale. I’m almost through. I spent so much time there last year people were beginning to think I was gone for good. My husband even began to wonder. Honestly, I…

Technical Difficulties

My apologies to any of you searching for — my domain isn’t mapping properly, I will have it fixed shortly. Thanks for your patience. Love you guys! and it is fixed! Thank you wordpress for your help. You guys rock!