And the strangest search to find my blog so far in 2014 is….

are you ready kids? I wasn’t. Did you know if you search for “Gynecologist Jokes” on Google, you will find my blog? Seriously? 98% of my stories are about life after kids, gardening, faith, poetry and travel. I do not write sex jokes – okay, there was that one. Or maybe two.. Still. Granted, I…

Face it spongebob

 Apologies in advance to my sons who have every Sponge Bob episode memorized. This cracked me up!

Robert Downey Jr Alert, The Judge Opens on October 10, 2014

I’m in New York visiting my mother at the moment otherwise I would totally be at opening day. As it is, I’ll be seeing this movie with friends after I come home. This has an amazing cast and looks wonderful! Go see it! Let’s make opening weekend a smash hit!