Two Wheel Tuesday: Got my Trainer on and no it’s not a bra.

Why is my road bike in my living room? Because I can only watch so many episodes of Ally McBeal on Netflix before wondering if the writers had access to my psych files. Granted, I feel saner after watching that show. Because my fingers can only practice banjo and guitar so many times before freezing…

Music Monday: Evert Taube Nocturne Played by Bengt Andreasson

I think this is absolutely beautiful. Evert Taube; was a Swedish author, artist, composer and singer. He is widely regarded as one of Sweden’s most respected musicians and the foremost troubadour of the Swedish ballad tradition in the 20th century.Wikipedia

Music Monday: Robert Downey Jr and Sting, Driven to Tears

It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned RDJ. (sigh) I’d forgotten he could sing. Holy cow. This is a great video. And for those who remember, this isn’t the first time RDJ has sung with Sting. Remember Alley McBeal? Be still me heart!