Metaphors Make Brains Touchy Feely – ScienceNOW


I’m home.

I’m ill.

Not allowed to ride horses or bikes, doc says I have to rest. So I’m getting caught up on my reading.

There are truly some things I wish I could unread – like Ron Paul’s idiotic thought process. Why are people voting for him? He’s a moron.

There are other things I’ve read that truly have me fascinated like the article linked below. I’ve never given much thought really to the connection between poetry and science or how the brain responds to poetic verse.

Either my left brain is jonesing for some action and is thrilled to get it, or this is really a good article. Enjoy.

Metaphors Make Brains Touchy Feely – ScienceNOW.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Rena Hall says:

    Why do they vote for him? Same reason “the person” got the vote in 2008. Although Ron has some good ideas, he doesn’t really have a good plan to empliment them.
    Take care and get better soon.


  2. Weltha says:

    Oh Deana, you’re a redheou AND you use the word moron…you are a woman after my own heart!

    GET WELL!!!



    1. Deana says:

      Ha! Yep. Born redhead. Moron was not my first choice, Flaming Jack#%$ was my first choice. 🙂


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