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Music Monday: Kenny and Amanda Smith, Catch Me if I Try

Published on Oct 8, 2013

Kenny and Amanda Smith perform “Catch Me If I Try,” the title track from their 2012 album. Kenny is playing a 1939 Regal 12-fret Jumbo with mahogany sides and back and a red spruce top; Amanda is playing her Collings D1A guitar.

Shot by the Fretboard Journal, north of Seattle, Washington. Special thanks to Mark Demaray.

Music Monday: Banjo Pickin’ Girl, Leela and Ellie Grace

Even musician’s get heckled. I just discovered these two and it seems they dropped off the planet about a year ago. All of their pages are dead, meaning no updates for a year. No clue what happened to them, but they seem fun. I always love women who can play banjo.


Music Monday: Arlo Guthrie, City of New Orleans


Arlo & Pete Seeger Live at Wolftrap. August 8, 1993. This performance is great with them ALL singing together. What a great song Steve Goodman wrote!

The video is a live mix and the sound is from our CD titled More Together Again.

Music Monday: Cory Johnson, Another Soldier’s Coming Home

In Honor of Memorial Day - 
cory johnson
Click on the photo to go to Cory’s Webpage. Seriously — click on it – he is awesome.

I met Cory Johnson completely on accident. I had a comedy gig that night that got cancelled at the last-minute because my promoter forgot to pay the rent. (just in case you thought my life was glamorous.)  Rather than let the night go to waste, my husband and I decided to go out on a date to our favorite restaurant in Broken Arrow called The Main Street Tavern. We walked in on a CD release party. I had no idea. I’ve never heard of Cory before that. By the time the night was through, I sent my husband up to purchase a CD. (I was already in my boot by then.) This man is from Broken Arrow, I probably knew his mother, although I could be wrong about that. Johnson is a rather common name.

(Me: He looks just like the guy who’s working on Bernice’s house. I bet that’s her son. Him: He’s not the same guy. Me: Yes he is. I swear. — sigh. NOPE. oh well. Turns out I don’t know his mother. Or at least the woman I thought was, isn’t. Not that it matters,he’s still a good musician though.)

I spent the whole night, just blown away and I’ve pretty much worn out that CD. Good thing I uploaded it to ITunes. Cory wrote a special song for a young man in Claremore that never made it home. I think it’s absolutely beautiful. I was hoping to find a video of him performing it on Youtube, but the best I could find is sound cloud. This is the perfect song for today – I think it embodies what we are remembering. Click on the link below to hear it and when you are finished, please click on Cory’s photo and check out his web page. Oh mylanta, you will not be sorry. Have a great day you guys. Love you! Mean it!

 CLICK HERE to hear Cory’s song, Another Soldier’s Coming Home

You can find Cory Johnson at the following places Facebook: That Johnson Boy Web: That Johnson Boy’s Music Twitter: CoryTJB Order his CD : My Country Point of View

 FCC DISCLAIMER: No goods or services were given in exchange for this endorsement. I am not associated with Mr Johnson in any way, shape or form. Seriously, the guy has no idea I even exist. I just really love this song (and the CD) and think it’s perfect for Memorial Day and think you guys would like it. Enjoy.