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What if I was sorry… WILD

I have this dream – it’s reoccurring really, that my husband dies and I find myself alone – wondering who I am. And I set out, not on a one thousand mile hike per se’ but more like a 400 mile bike trip trying to find my strength. I WANT to see this movie… something about it, resonates with me.

Robert Downey Jr Alert, The Judge Opens on October 10, 2014

I’m in New York visiting my mother at the moment otherwise I would totally be at opening day. As it is, I’ll be seeing this movie with friends after I come home. This has an amazing cast and looks wonderful! Go see it! Let’s make opening weekend a smash hit!

Have you ever seen a COMEDY tackle the sobering sin of ADULTERY?


Guest Blogger: 
Christopher Shawn Shaw, 
One Nightstand
Starring Thor Ramsey, Kimberly Durrett,
Charles Anteby and Nathan Ford.
Directed by Christopher Shawn Shaw.
Have you ever seen a COMEDY poignantly tackle the very sobering transgression of adultery? Well, here’s the news! The long-anticipated ONE NIGHTSTAND Comedy ministry short film that I had the privilege of Directing and Executive Producing is NOW AVAILABLE on DVD!

ONS_PosterONE NIGHTSTAND is an Award-Winning short film that stars Pastor and Comedian Thor Ramsey as an adulterous, traveling businessman who hires a lady of the night (played by Kimberly Durrett), but before she arrives, God intervenes through two quirky hotel employees (played by Charles Anteby and Nathan Ford) and the sobering contents of the hotel nightstand. Written and Produced by Gary Emrick and Directed by Christopher Shawn Shaw, this poignant Comedy also features Christine YoungTom CostelloLori GeorgeMaria CasasRick Segall (“Little Ricky” on THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY), and Susan Silvestri.

People have really enjoyed this DVD, which also includes Behind-The-Scenes Special Features, so purchase your own copy today, and schedule to host the ONE NIGHTSTAND screening at your fellowship!

For Church fellowships or other organizations and venues who’d like to host public screenings of ONE NIGHTSTAND
(which also includes the option of Q&As
with the Filmmakers and/or Lead Cast),
please see the attached .pdf document.
ONE NIGHTSTAND_Screening_Options

For more information regarding the movie One Nightstand, see the following links: 

For more information about Christopher Shawn Shaw:

Support Movies Filmed in Oklahoma: So This is Christmas

One of the fun things about having grown kids is having the time to be an extra in locally filmed movies. (This is my second movie as an extra. Wow what fun.)  This is a wonderful story for the whole family and is showing at the Circle Cinema December 2 – December 8. For more information on the movie check out So This Is Christmas, The Movie.

Cowgirls N Angels Goes on Sale Today

It isn’t often great movies are filmed in Oklahoma, but when it happens we talk about it. Cowgirls N Angels was filmed here last year and several of us got to participate as paid extras. This was my first time on a major motion picture movie set. I had a blast.

Cowgirls goes on sale today at Walmart,. It’s a family friendly with an awesome cast and a great heart. You’ll definitely want to pick up a copy for yourselves.

The Avengers Are Coming!

While at the movies yesterday we saw the poster for The Avengers.

I told my husband I really want to see that movie.

He looked at the poster, and then asked why I wanted to see it.

I said “The story line of course. “

He smiled and said

“That’s like a man saying he reads playboy just for the articles. Just sayin.”

How Do You Run Away From a Dead Guy?: Michael Joiner is Scared to Death.

Have you ever wanted to help get a great movie off the ground? Here is your chance.

I have been writing about my adventures over the past several years and time and again people ask me how I learn about these neat projects. Easy. I’m a social animal, relational to the core and love to make new friends. I also love to share my new friends with you guys. Especially my comic friends.

Allow me to introduce my newest friend, Michael Joiner.

Michael has been performing stand up comedy nation-wide for over 20 years. He’s edgy, clean, and hilarious. Michael  is a devoted family man,  and all around great guy. You probably know him from the hit show Bananas, the comedy DVD  The Clean Stand-Up Comedy Tour with Thor Ramsey, Carlos Oscar, and Michael Jr. You can also find him headlining at various LA Area Improvs, The Funny Bone, The Ice House and other comedy clubs across the country.

And guys, get this he plays CLEAN. How wonderful is that? In today’s day and age, finding a comic that plays to sell out crowds without going blue (and turning me red) is rare. Any idiot can play blue, it takes intelligence to play clean. Not only does he play clubs, he plays to sold out crowds in colleges, churches, and other venues nation wide. He’s also written for Jay Leno on the Tonight Show.

You’ve seen him in The Grace Card, (WONDERFUL movie) and he has two new movies coming out – Broken Faith in 2012, and Persecuted  in 2013. What you might not know about Michael is he is also starting his own movie production company called Esther Pictures.

This is where you come in. I want to help Michael start his company and I’m doing it by backing Scared to Death. 

I believe in this one. I’m tired of Hollywood. We need high quality, well written and well-directed movies. Michael has what it takes to do this. I’m not getting anything in return for this endorsement and I’m not asking you guys to back something I wouldn’t back myself. Jeff and I have already signed up to help, I hope you can as well.

You can watch the video to hear from Michael about his new movie short and you can see this link to be a part of something exciting.


Written by and starring “The Grace Card’s”

Directed by “Broken Faith’s” Ricki Holmes


Actor/Writer/Producer Michael Joiner is the Star of SONY Pictures powerful drama, “The Grace Card” ( He is also starring in the upcoming action/drama Broken Faith ( and is set to work as an actor in several upcoming films, including the political thriller “Persecuted” ( Produced by “The Godfather’s” Grey Frederickson.

Michael is also a stand up Comedian who has been writing and performing stand up comedy for over 20 years nation-wide. (

Director/Producer Ricki Holmes is an alumnus of ScreenwritingU, an award-winning Los Angeles based company that provides the highest quality online screenwriting classes. Since becoming a member of their elite screenwriting Pro-Series group just three years ago, Ricki’s first script, “Sin No More” earned a quarterfinal place in the BlueCat screenwriting competition. His second, “America’s Cup – There Is No Second” placed in the quarter finals of the prestigious Nicholls Fellowship in Screenwriting and his third script, “Rescue” garnered reputation with Leslie Kallen Management, an LA based literary management company. He made his directorial debut with”Broken Faith”.


“Scared to Death” will be the first project produced by Michael and Ricki and their new production company, “Esther Pictures.”

Michael wrote the entire concept as he was driving home one very dark night after performing a comedy show at a one niter “hell gig” in Arkansas.


MICHAEL JOINER (The Grace Card, Broken Faith, The Clean Stand Up Comedy Movie)



RISKY BETTS (Cowboy Can Survive)


After dying a slow death at the “comedy gig from hell”, struggling comedian BOBBY BRAGG (Nathan Shelton) gets lost trying to find his way home on a deserted Arkansas road. He soon finds himself being chased down by what appears to be a member of “The undead”(Michael Joiner), a mysterious lone figure who’s zombie-like appearance and penchant for sarcasm drives Bobby to the brink. After a run in with a cop (Risky Betts) who thinks he’s drunk and a 911 operator who thinks he’s nuts, Bobby’s left to face the “thing” alone and find the answer to the unanswerable question, “Just how do you run away from a dead guy?”

“Scared to Death” promises to be a roller coaster ride of chills, thrills and laughs that barrels it’s way to a surprise conclusion that you will not see coming and that reminds us all that “YOUR SIN WILL FIND YOU OUT!”


Upon completion, “Scared To Death” will be presented at film festivals around the country as a vehicle to find further investment so the company can fulfill its goal of producing full length feature films.


We are grateful for every dollar we receive and have provided some cool stuff to demonstrate our gratitude.

Help support Scared to Death by clicking here:

This post written by Deana O’Hara for Redemption’s Heart. All rights reserved. No goods or services were provided for this endorsement. I do not work for Esther Pictures or Michael Joiner. I only share things I believe my readers are interested in knowing about.